Spanish distributor recognised by Chamber of Commerce Catalonia

Casa Masferrer celebrates 75 years in the biz

Casa Masferrer celebrates 75 years in the bicycle business next year and as a result has been awarded a commemorative plaque by the Catalonia Chamber of Commerce. The business was founded in 1934.

Present president Jaume Masferrer Coma said of the recognition: “Casa Masferrer always has known to adapt to the social-economic environment in which it has been surrounded and the great spirit of sacrifice that characterises to the business, have been key for our constant progress”.

The distributor has plans to expand its current distribution territory and is particularly interested in UK business.

“The projection of future of the company is the reaffirmation of markets as much in Europe as America and Asia. Our objective is to secure greater incidence and presence in these markets and to obtain a greater recognition.”

Casa Masferrer: +34 93 840 49 00

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