28 percent of commuters in Cambridge use bicycles but 77 percent of the Cambridge transport budget is spent on motorist-friendly schemes. Just 0.6 percent of the transport budget is spent on measures friendly to cyclists and pedestrians. How can this be? Should the CBI be asking not for more roads but more bike paths?

Cars get lions’ share of transport cash even in Cambridge

Cambridge’s Provisional Local Transport Plan 2006-2011 reveals that 77 percent of the transport budget to be spent on motorists; 22 percent on public transport and just 0.6 percent on walking and cycling, including ‘safe routes to school’ measures for children.

"How can 0.6 percent be the right amount to spend on what must be 30 percent of the total traffic in this region?" asks cycle advocoate David Hembrow.

"I can’t even begin to understand the process by which this staggeringly low figure was arrived at. And yet this figure is actually quite good. We get more spent on cyclists here than is average around the country.

"This is a national disgrace."


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