Interbike's OutdoorDemo started yesterday. The show kicks off in the Sands Exposition Center tomorrow. If you'd like to be there, but can't, hook up with the broadband streaming video coverage of the event or plug into the Crooked Cog podcasts.

Can’t get to Vegas? Let the show come to you

Interbike TV – hosted by of the UK – will be on air from tomorrow and will run for the duration of the show.

There will be daily programming of the show broadcast on monitors placed throughout the show floor and streamed over the internet.

The daily shows will feature industry and celebrity interviews, and product introductions

The studio will be enclosed in clear Plexiglas walls so that show attendees can watch the programming live and will also include a private green room for pre-staging interviews.

The TV studio interview area will be built on an elevated platform, and surrounding the exterior of the Media Center will be plasma screens to display video content that is edited and broadcast directly from the fully equipped control room.

As well as streaming pre-recorded segments and live coverage, a whole bunch of podcasters are descending on the show and will be pumping out hundreds of hours of audio and video podcasts.

The most prolific is likely to be Tim Grahl – pictured here – of the Crooked Cog blog network. His professionally-produced podcast programme is a relative newcomer on the scene but Grahl’s iTunes rankings will shoot up thanks to up to 15 shows a day, uploaded from the show floor.

And after the show, the international podcasters on The Spokesmen podcast will be recorded on October 1st and will major on what was hot at Interbike.

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