Dorel Industries has bought Guru's bike fitting business. High-end Canadian brand keeps bike and frame part of business.

Cannondale’s owner buys fit system company

In what was an open secret it can be finally revealed that Dorel has acquired the bike-fitting part of Guru’s business. Guru of Canada makes high-end road, TT and mountain bikes. The official launch for the Guru Experience fitting system was held last night at Interbike in Las Vegas.

Dorel is parent company to Cannondale, GT, Schwinn, Mongoose, IronHorse and Sugoi. Guru’s fit system was called Dynamic Fit Unit.

IBDs pay an annual management fee for the new, revamped system as well as a percentage from each fitting conducted.

The new system "will help consumers reach their peak performance," said a Dorel press statement.

"The Guru Experience eliminates the frustration and continual trial-and-error process of finding the right cycling equipment for each individual. An innovative approach to bicycle shopping, it provides consumers with the ideal retail and cycling experience."

Robert Baird, CEO of Dorel’s leisure division said:

“The Guru Experience is a revolutionary leap forward in bicycle purchasing and owning. The way consumers shop is changing radically in and outside the cycling industry."

Guru’s fit system includes an "automated fitting unit", a static bike with moveable frame tubes, and proprietary software.

Morten Kristiansen, director of product management at Guru Experience, said:

“Guru brings the bike buying process to an entirely new level for consumers, where they have access to significantly more optimised customer service, and the most advanced equipment and processes available for becoming the best rider they can be, no matter their fitness level or experience.

“Our consumer insights research shows that fit is the most frustrating part of the shopping experience for consumers. Adding more certainty to the experience of purchasing a bicycle will take the guess work out for consumers and ensure their long-term satisfaction.”

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