The RT-60 pannier bag from Quebec-based Arkel OverDesigns was designed in partnership with Aussie recumbent-trike maker Greenspeed.

Canadian manufacturer debuts recumbent-specific pannier-bag

"The RT isn’t adapted for a recumbent, it is designed for a recumbent, and it fills a need in the marketplace," said Serge Vigeant, head designer at Arkel.

Paul Sims of Greenspeed said:

"We wanted a bag that looked good on our touring model but would also fit other recumbents. We realise that anything that enhances the recumbent experience is good for Greenspeed, too."

To give adequate ground-clearance for 20-inch wheeled machines, the RT-60 loses depth but makes up for it in length. The sloping shape fits well in the space behind a typical recumbent seat and brings the centre of the load closer to the middle of the bike to improve handling.

The rear tube pocket is removable and height-adjustable to allow for even greater ground -clearance.

"The aerodynamic shape appeals to the wind-cheating soul of recumbent lovers," said Vigeant.

Arkel has been making super-strong, expedition-quality pannier bags since 1988.

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