The politically-correct song is all about 'Little Johnny' suffering a head injury because he wasn't wearing a cycle helmet. The reason for authoring such a PC polemic? Humpty Dumpty didn't wear head protection, and look what happened to him...

Canadian docs pen pro-helmet nursery rhyme

Trainee doctors Sarah Giles and Sarah Shea have written a tongue-in-cheek article for the Canadian Medical Association Journal, claiming that nursery rhyme characters didn’t get the best of medical treatment.

And clearly, the carer in the ‘Rock a-bye baby story, should not have been hanging tots in trees, and when the "bough broke" should have been a bit quicker getting the babe to hospital.

But the most interesting aspect of the paper is the new nursery rhyme:

Little Johnny rode his bike,

No helmet on his head.

He took a fall and split his skull,

His mother feared him dead. She rushed him to the ER,

Where they checked his neuro signs.

They noted a blown pupil

And inserted IV lines. They called the neurosurgeon,

Who came in and drilled a burr.

Now Johnny’s fine; he rides his bike,

But he’s helmeted, for sure.…/3307953.stm

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