The Centric Safe Haven child seat imported into the UK by the Goude Design Group (and for big box accounts by Universal) has just been featured in the Consumer Association's magazine, leading to an immediate rise in sales, said Simon Goude

Canadian child-seat sells well after plug in ‘Which?’

"Since the report came out we’ve taken well over 100 calls from parents nationwide and have put them in touch with their nearest IBD stockist," said Goude.

"We’re thin on the ground for IBD’s in a few areas though especially the Midlands, North East, North West and Scotland.

"For IBDs already stocking the seat, it’s a great seller and is already the number one selling seat brand in some stores. There’s still plenty of time for IBDs to stock in before summer really kicks in and we’ve more stock on the way from Canada.

The Which? report was entitled ‘UP FRONT – let your child see the view ahead instead of your back’ and said:

"Bike Rides could be much more fun for your young child if you invest in this innovative child seat…We took it for a ride through safety tests, asked an experienced bicycle repairer for his views, and let five families try it out. The families enjoyed having the child in front of them. They said it felt safe and they could talk to, as well as see, each other….The seat did affect some rider’ positions – having to pedal with slightly splayed knees, for example – but this didn’t outweigh the advantage of being able to interact with the child…At £75 (phone 01462 485717 for your local stockist), it’s not as cheap as a rear-mounted seat, but it’s sturdy and well made."

Cycling Plus magazine will be reviewing the seat in the May edition and Goude told that there’s a possibilituy of a TV appearance in the next couple of weeks that may include a live link up to Canada with Malcolm Jefferson, the seat’s


The Goude Design Group are dab hands at generating publicity for their niche products. Phat cycles, for instance, have been splashed across all manner of mainstream lifestyle magazines, a fact that Simon Goude plays upon at trade and consumer shows: his back wall is generally chocka with glossy press cuttings. And all the leads go to IBDs.


Tuesday 5th March 2002

Simon sticks it to them…/article.php?id=1972

Simon has walked off with the second ‘product of the show’ award in two weeks. Last weekend his LED-packed light stick – the Indicator Fireflute – got the Best Innovation Award at the SOLTEX ski show and today the front child seat imports from Canada won the Innovation award at the Cycle and Leisure Show (but, er, not to Universal acclaim)

Wednesday 12th December 2001

Mainstream media exposure raises profile of eyes-front childseat…/article.php?id=1828

Centic Safe Haven, the Canadian front-mounting childseat, is now claimed to have a 65 percent market share in its domestic marker. UK importer Simon Goude of the Goude Design Group told that UK sales are rising too, especially after the seat was featured in the London Evening Standard last week. It has now been picked to appear on French TV and Goude is seeking stockists in mainland Europe

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