The Ezi2Lift is one of those products that will either have you saying Brilliant, why hasnt anybody thought of that before, or Doh, what do you need one of them for?

Can you get a handle on this?

Who said innovation was dead? In the last few months weve seen a dynamo-powered mobile phone recharger; a twenty quid plastic bracket for holding a mobile phone (and promoted in almost every bike mag with full page ads) and now theres a new piece of plastic fantastic: the Ezi2Lift.

So far, this nylon handle is not being made available to IBDs. It can only be bought via the website of the makers, MG Plastics of Lancashire.

Normal price £10.00. Introductory offer just £4.99. A unique gift idea for Christmas, says

Currently, lifting your bicycle means getting hold of the frame, reveals the website.

But this is passé.

The frame is rigid and inflexible and this can put a strain on your wrist. Now we have a product that overcomes this inflexibility; it’s made from Nylon 6, which is extremely supple and also comfortably shaped to fit your hand. This all makes for less strain and more gain.

The product is Ezi2Lift. Now you can get a grip on your Bike like never before. Picture having to dismount and lift your bike over obstacles, such as gates, fences & stiles etc that you just can’t bunny- hop, or carry it up & down steps, or just about anywhere that you have to lift, it can be made so much Ezier with an Ezi2Lift.

And the Ezi2Lift will help you avoid the A&E department of your local hospital:

No more accidental cuts and grazes from your bike’s sharp edges, which you can get when lifting it with the frame.

Not only is the Ezi2Lift a boon to safe cycling, its trendy too:

This is the add-on to be seen with.

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