Streetfilms of the US is to showcase Cambridge of the UK

Cambridge gets the Streetfilms treatment

Streetfilms of the US is to post a video showcasing the high cycling modal share in Cambridge. The US website posts inspirational and informative videos from locations around the world. Videos shot by Clarence Eckerson Jr. of Streetfilms often go viral. 

"In early August we’ll be debuting an exciting new ten minute Streetfilm from Cambridge, UK," said Eckerson.

"[Cambridge has] easily the highest mode share for bicycling in Britain: 22 percent of residents ride (though some say it’s even higher than that). But the most fascinating thing is how the city has accomplished that without building a huge amount of protected bike facilities.

"Instead they have achieved at least the atmosphere of safety by using many traffic management techniques – including a series of rising bollards that prohibits drivers without transponders (which are mostly on buses and cabs) from entering the city centre – making it a better place to walk, shop, eat and bike"

He added: "[Cambridge has] also done much work over the past decades around the idea of filtered permeability, a process by which neighbourhoods have had key intersections re-designed so that only people walking and biking can use them but vehicles need to go navigate around."

The 10-minute video will be online soon. Eckerson has already released this teaser video:

Streetfilms Snippets – Filtered Permeability & Rising Bollards from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.

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