Borough looking to improve its 22 per cent cycling rate further, setting 40 per cent target. Council will match funds granted.

Cambridge bids for £4.1 million to add segregated lanes

Cambridge has applied to the Cycle City Ambition Grant Fund to release funds for a new network of segregated cycle lanes, according to the Cambridge News.

With a target to up cycling levels from the already UK-wide high of 22 per cent to around 40 per cent, the borough aims to raise £8.2 million to fund a network of 2.1m-wide bike lanes. These will run parralel to existing roads, but will be separated by kerbs. A bid for £4.1 million in funds has been submitted and the council has promised to match the amount should the bid suceed.

Routes alongside the railway line are also planned, connecting the Science Park, train station and Addenbrooke’s hospital. In all four new routes, aimed at the commuter cyclist, are planned in South Cambridgeshire.

Project manager Mike Davies said: “We think this whole package can lift cycling levels from the already very high levels to the Dutch level of 40 per cent of all trips.

“Journeys by car would be quicker and more reliable if more people cycled, and by providing segregated routes you free up footways for pedestrians.”

The full story is found here. BikeBiz was among select press to see TRL trials of Dutch style cycling infrastructure earlier this week, which you can read about here.

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