Or sell, sell, sell. The auction system is now online.

Buy, buy, buy

If youve got any old iron or shift, or would like to bid to get your hands on some, click on our Auction hyperlink.

This will probably take a wee while before it fills up with juicy sale items but will eventually be a very sticky part of the site. You can browse auctions without registering but to bid or sell you will need to register.

Auctions remain active for 14 days. Once the time is up the highest bidder wins.

An idiots guide to online auctions will be posted soon but, for now, go and have a play, its very simple. And dont worry, you are not committed to any bid. Before the final transaction takes place you get an email asking you to confirm your intent.

BikeBiz takes a five percent cut on all successful transactions, payable by the seller.

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