What's this, the US president and the wanna-be president vying to see who has the best bicycle injuries? At the beginning of May, John Kerry fell from his $6000 Serotta Ottrott. Yesterday, President Bush was scuffed following a fall from his MTB. But in the mileage stakes, Kerry wins hands down: he rides long-distance charity rides, Dubya fell while on the 16th of a 17-mile ride....

Bush proves he’s just as good as Kerry at bike falls

Following his pretzl-free bicycle fall on his Texas ranch, President Bush was cleaned up by his personal physician. The doctor – who was also on the ride – said the president was fine but had minor abrasions and scratches on his chin, upper lip, nose, right hand, and both knees.

The fall has been reported by US newspapers and, just as with John Kerry’s two-wheeled tumble, will likely be used anecodotally by late-night chat-show hosts.

Over on satirical website Random Perspective, the Bush bike crash is already leading to digs:

Random Perspective said the fall could have been engineered by terrorists.

The ‘President’s chief bicycle adviser’ is meant to have said:

“It’s quite easy to sabotage a bicycle. You could cut the brake cables and they wouldn’t be able to stop. You could put a pinhole in the tyre to cause a slow puncture. Or you could hire an incompetent chief bicycle expert who would forget to oil the thing and then everything would cease up – now that would be dangerous.”

In a speech on Monday, the satirical website said President Bush would argue that bicycles "are too dangerous to be used by ordinary civilians and restrict their users to trained stuntmen."


Bush injuries pic here:


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