Now cyclists can join the dark side (and keep their necks warm while riding) with a Darth Vader Buff

Buff’s first Star Wars range is available now

Over 35 years, six films, countless spin-offs and another film trilogy on the way – starting in 2015 courtesy of Disney and JJ Abrams – Star Wars is as big a brand now as it ever has been. 

It’s fortuitous timing for Buff which has now launched its inaugural Star Wars collection.

The Star Wars licensed designs for adults include the Original, Polar, Bandana, hoodie and Neckwarmer Knitted and Polar Fleece Buff.

Designed include characters and themes from Star Wars. Available to ship now from Buffera.

POS displays will be available free to stockists. Lightsabers are optional.

Buffera: 01707 852244

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