Automatic Braking System Modulator prevents front brake lock-up, says manufacturer

BudBrake seeks UK distribution

Distribution in the UK is being sought for the BudBrake Automatic Braking System (ABS) Modulator.

The device aims to prevent front wheel lock-up by balancing braking force between wheels during speed control. BudBrake’s ABS Modulator balances the front and rear wheel brake pressure, so abrupt stops – that could lead to forward rollover and serious accidents – are prevented.

A proportional mechanism produces a balanced braking performance, regardless of which brake lever is actuated. By automatically feathering the brake action, it produces smoother modulation for improved tire traction and safer speed control.

“The great thing is it can be used on all kinds of bikes, by all kinds of cyclists, said Bud Nilsson, president of BudBrake LLC. “So adults can ride with confidence and kids can be safer, too.”

The BudBrake ABS Modulator is easily installed between the two brake cables at the front of the handlebar, according to the firm, smaller than a mobile phone and weighs under 50 grams. Further blurb from the firm said: “Its universal failsafe design has been professionally tested against the Consumer Product Safety Commission criteria for bicycle brakes, including disc brakes. Results show shorter stopping distance, less rear wheel skid and no front wheel lock-up. The BudBrake has been lab tested simulating 650,000 braking actions and tensions with no wear and no failures. 

“The BudBrake modulator is manufactured from Delrin with Teflon, one of the toughest combinations for plastic injection molding production. Therefore the BudBrake ABS Modulator is fail-safe with a lifetime warranty.”

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