Cycle computer and GPS label talks to BikeBiz about what people have come to expect of their devices

Bryton: “Expect major growth in sports GPS”

Fronted by staff who have pioneered technology in the GPS business, Bryton this year hopes to grab a slice of the cycle market share. Mark Sutton finds out more from Bryton’s Steven Hsu…

Bryton is fairly new as a company, but experience wise that’s not the case?
A team of ambitious and experienced professionals came together in 2009 and started a company that aimed to do things differently. The idea was to break away from the stale environment of the IT industry and do something that brings health, fitness and fun together. We arrived with a mission to create and expand awareness of the sports electronic category. We’re still able to utilise our expertise and enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

The Bryton team has over ten years of experience with GPS products. Our staff were in fact the first innovators of portable in-car navigation devices back in 2004. This team has helped revolutionise the portable GPS market to its maturity stage now. We have led the development of hundreds of portable car navigation devices and in addition, the Bryton sales and product marketing team has years of experience developing GPS and consumer electronic business globally.

What has Bryton brought to market to date?
Bryton brings a line of GPS products made for all cyclists. Key to the development of the cycle line was simplifying usage and increasing functionality to benefit cyclists with instant and accumulated training results. Bringing in lifestyle elements to the product with social networking compatibility has won fans. On top of all these, to reach more cyclists, we provide a more affordable product line.

How is the GPS market developing?
From all industry reports, we are seeing forecast of major growth in the category for the next five years. Not only in cycling GPS, we are seeing major growth in sports GPS in general. The market is seeing demand rapidly growing for GPS due to social media, which allows cyclists to download, compete and share ride experiences.
From past GPS product experience, we foresee a steep growth curve in the next few years. Although we will see new brands coming into this space in the near future, Bryton will develop to have a strong stake in the market with our expanding product line and marketing exposure.

Where are the goods designed and manufactured?
All Bryton products are designed in the Taipei office and manufactured in Asia.

How have sales been over the past year?
In the past year, Bryton has been in the process of establishing business relations with suitable partners around the world. This includes Zyro as our partner in UK and Ireland, who have increased their sales this year over 300 per cent. We are starting to have our products present in a large number of stores in major countries across Europe.

With more brand marketing activities and excellent products, this season will be a big step forward in sales for Bryton. Furthermore, we are seeing huge jumps in sales in 2012 from all our partners around the world. The recent launch of the new Rider 40 computer has been well received in the market place by retailers and consumers alike because of its unique test and training features.

What sets Bryton apart from its competitors?
Speed to adapt to market changes, quality of service, our excellent products and our dedication to innovation.

What has improved ahead of the latest range’s launch?
We’ve got more features, including specific test and training workouts, better functionality and durable quality products at more affordable pricing for all cyclists.

Any plans to move into new sectors?
Bryton already has a GPS sports watch – Cardio 35 – on the market. Our current focus is to continue bringing new products into cycling and running sports. We are always looking for new opportunities, but most likely will be in the sports/outdoor segments.

How many countries is Bryton represented in?
We’re in over 30 countries around the world now. Major markets include the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Benelux, Australia, Japan, Korea and China.

How many products are there in the range?
By early 2013 we will have five major models in the GPS cycling computer lineup (Rider 50, Rider 60, Rider 35, Rider 40 & Rider 20), and with at least three Cardio GPS watches in the running/Triathlete GPS lineup.

What’s in it for the dealer?
Bryton GPS powered computers offer retailers category leading profit margins together with exceptional retail price points and specifications. To take advantage of this boom in the GPS category, retailers can speak with their account manager for stocking in deals and other benefits which include top up prom pricing, in-store POS and catalogues, staff purchase schemes, web stockist listing and consumer advertising.

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