Solar and wind energy used in manufacture of t-shirts

BRVO sustainable cycle casual wear launches

A new endurance sport-inspired casual wear garment brand has launched, with a range of ‘sustainable products, engineered specifically for the active lifestyle’.

BRVO, based in North London, has initially launched with a range of premium t-shirts, tailored for the leaner builds of cyclists.

The t-shirts are manufactured using only solar and wind energy, with minimalistic designs.

The firm said: "BRVO has re-engineered the t-shirt for the leaner builds of cyclists and runners, creating a premium quality t-shirt with designs that support the active lifestyle. Our t-shirts are the most sustainable available on the market – we’ve reduced the carbon footprint of a t-shirt from 11kg/t-shirt to 1.1kg/t-shirt. Our t-shirts consist of 100 per cent organic cotton and are manufactured using only wind and solar power. We aim to challenge the major sportswear labels to go-eco, be sustainable.

"BRVO wants to make sports t-shirts cool again, where some of the larger brands have done a good job of cheapening and devaluing this market with poor product. We make killer products with best-practice sustainability (i.e. look good and be environmental).

"Our current range includes four of our own designs as well as tribute collection to the late, great Bernard Thompson of British Time Trialling Photography Fame."

The range is currently available in the UK through BRVO’s website – The firm told BikeBiz that it doesn’t yet have a UK distributor, but is currently beginning to seek distributers worldwide.

BRVO’s designs are available free as desktop and mobile wallpapers.

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