This rather obvious fact is often over-looked when pro-bicycle planners wonder why many children don't cycle to school. It's not just about curbing speeding traffic and creating safe routes, modern kids have not been taught how to maintain their bicycles because their parents are part of a generation lost to the world of cycling. As part of a trial that could be rolled out nationwide, three schools in York were provided with cycle maintenance tools from Weldtite and given training help by ATG. The result? Better behaved kids, back-on-the-road bikes and a new pool of talent for the bicycle industry to tap into in the future.

Broken bikes don’t get ridden

The in-school cycle maintenance trial was organised by York city council, known for its proactive stance on getting more bums on saddles.

Hamish Stewart of Weldtite wanted to support the trial because well-maintained bicycles would be more likely to be ridden by the children at the schools concerned.

"Some of the trainees became super competent in all aspects of bike maintenance and repairs and are looking for possible employment in our industry. In a couple of cases the course completely changed the behaviour of the pupils, turning them from disruptive individuals to model pupils."

Weldtite provided Cyclo and Cyclus tools as well as cans of TF2 bike lube. Course graduates – aged 14-16 – were each given Weldtite’s Dirt Trap Chain Cleaning Machine.

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