Did no-one at British Cycling flag this to adidas? adidas is in good company, mind, 'union jack' is often displayed incorrectly

British Cycling’s new aero jersey uses upside down union flag

British Cycling’s go-faster togs are famously slippery but the new aero jerseys are likely to be faster than normal as they’re rushed on to eBay: a design snafu means the promo kit was sublimated printed with an upside down union flag. When the kit becomes available in the shops in February it’s probable the flag will be printed the right way up.

Badged by sport apparel giant adidas, British Cycling’s aero clothing is usually produced by MOA Sport/Nalini of Italy. The new jersey is said to combine the aerodynamics of time trial skin suits and the comfort of elite stage race jerseys.

The incorrect display of the union flag is a common mistake. Last year, there were a number of high-profile flag gaffes, including the cover for the autobiography of Tom Daley, adverts for Science in Sport, and posters for Optical Express.

British Cycling said the new adistar range benefits from the bolero, "a one-piece aerodynamic leading edge", designed to deliver maximum efficiency and speed for the rider.

The range will comprise elite level versions with a replica line up.

British Cycling and adidas have been commercial partners for seven years.

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