The British cycle sport governing body has received stage one approval for a £1.67m grant from Sport England's Community Club Development Programme. Sport England's Community Club Development Programme makes £60m available to 16 sports, in two bands. British Cycling's bid is part of Band 2 in which 12 sports bid for a share of a £20m pot, spread over a three year period.

British Cycling gets £1.67m facilities grant

British Cycling said it is aiming to distribute the money through the various cycle sport disciplines and throughout the country and its bid has tended to concentrate on existing facilities, where they fit in with the work of the Talent Team, the Regional Coach and Club Development Officers, and with British Cycling’s planned

regional centres.

None of the eighteen projects submitted in the Bid Portfolio was rejected, and eleven schemes were selected to progress to the detailed second stage of the application process. Stage 2 is going to require detailed work by British Cycling and the clubs involved with the various facilities. British Cycling said it will provide guidance, though the ultimate responsibility for managing the money allocated, and the facility will belong to the relevant club.

The following projects were given immediate approval for more detailed preparation:

Halesowen Track (resurfacing)

Aldersley Track (resurfacing)

Newcastle Track (Resurfacing)

Scunthorpe Track (Resurfacing)

Middlesbrough Track (Resurfacing)

Hillingdon (Circuit Improvements)

Hetton Lyons (Circuit Improvements)

Mansfield BMX (Track Reconstruction)

Whickham Thorns BMX (Track Construction)

Cheadle BMX (Track Construction)

Leeds BMX (Track Improvements)

The other seven schemes were held in reserve until the projected spend is more accurately known.

Richard Dunne (Circuit Improvements)

Preston Park (Track Improvements)

Portsmouth (Track Resurfacing)

Leicester Off Road Club (Facility Improvements)

Kirkby Track

Nottingham Track

Herne Hill Track

Dave Cockram, British Cycling’s facilities manager, said:

"Our stock of outdoor tracks is steadily diminishing, we cannot afford to lose any more. Once the cycle of lack of

maintenance and reducing usage sets in, it is very difficult to break. Local Authorities have little money to spend on leisure facilities, and in these days of "best value" policies, they inevitably cut the facilities that show the least usage.

"By refurbishing the tracks, and developing a heavy pattern of usage through the Talent Team and Go-Ride programmes, and as a racing facility through track leagues and open meetings, we should be able to prevent their loss.

"The CCDP bid is a milestone for British Cycling. It is the first time that BC has been involved in coordinating a nationwide bid for funding for facility development. For the first time we have been able to place the funding in areas where it will have the biggest impact, and plan a strategy for facility development. Sport England

are hopeful that the funding programme will be an ongoing process, and if British Cycling can demonstrate that it can use the fund effectively, then more money should be forthcoming. It is a very exciting time for cycle racing, the start of a modernisation process that will change the way the sport is organised."

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