UK may trail Germany and Netherlands, but holds a respectable mid-table position in e-bike table

Britain has the seventh largest electric bike market in Europe

Electric power assisted bicycle unit sales reached 20,000 units in Britain last year, according to new statistics.

COLIBI and COLIPED’s annual joint BIMP report – the European Bicycle Industry & Market Profile – sees Britain as the seventh biggest seller of epacs, or e-bikes, in Europe.

The figures reveal that in Europe Germany and the Netherlands are far ahead of their electric bicycle selling neighbours.

Germany tops the tables with 310,000 units, followed by the Netherlands with 178,000 units. After those two markets, the figures drop signficantly: Italy, in third, sold 50,000 epacs in 2011, while Austria sold 35,000 and Denmark 30,000.

In terms of share of the European epac market, Britain has 2.79 per cent. Germany has 43.25 per cent and the Netherlands 24.85 per cent.

These figures, like all those in the BIMP report, have their shortcomings, but according to COLIBI-COLIPED their members account for more than 78 per cent of EU bicycle production (units), about 77 per cent of EU parts and accessories production (in value) and more than 83 per cent of the EU bicycle sales (units).

COLIBI is the Association of the European Bicycle Industry. COLIPED is the Association of the European Two-Wheeler Parts and Accessories Industry.

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