It's not often that I'll copy somebody else's article wholesale but the piece by 'Scoop' on today's is a collection of 'coals to Newcastle' success stories to warm the heart...

Brit companies make it big in USA


America might claim to have "invented the mountain bike" and be home to at least the design teams of most mainstream manufacturers, but British manufacturers are making significant in-roads into the US market.

Whyte’s Preston bike has just appeared in all it’s linkage splendour as the cover star on Mountain Bike magazine’s 2001 Buyers guide, with a full review in the next issue concentrating on the collosal amount of innovation packed into this one bike.

Orange bikes have also gone stateside this year in a big way. Following massive interest in their monocoque frames at last years Las Vegas Interbike show, their bikes have been picked by the new high profile Global DH team including their star Missy Giove. They’re well on the way to opening a distinct US distributor to handle the huge surge in interest in Halifax’s finest handbuilds

Hope are also going great guns over in the US, with their hydraulic disc brakes listed at No 3 in a recent "most wanted upgrade" poll in Mountain Bike Action Magazine, well ahead of Shimano, Avid and the Harley approved Hayes brakes.

Meanwhile USE are flat out building seatposts to fill orders on the Specialized Sirrus fast hybrid range which have proved to be a runaway success.

Perhaps we’re at last seeing recognition that our best components are not just the best in Britain, but the best in the world.

Will everyone now please stand for a rousing rendition of "Land of Hope (Whyte, Orange, USE) and glory".


‘Scoop’ is a well-known, well-respected and well-connected MTB journo who works on a UK MTB mag but also just happens to moonlight for Bikemagic.

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