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It's not every day you get photographed with your head in a toilet seat.

Brit bike mag editor walks off with top US award

The Society Of People Who Actually Make Their Own Stuff (SOPWAMTOS) gave out special awards at Interbike.

Founded in the early 90s by Bruce Gordon of Bruce Gordon Cycles and Mark Norstad of Paragon Machine Works, SOPWAMTOS grew out of a general dismay at the amount of outsourcing going on in the bicycle industry.

Best US Bike Line Made in Taiwan: Surly

Magazine Most Likely to Feature Pictures of a Man’s Penis: Outcast (Chipps Chippendale’s zine)

Self-appointed Guru: Grant Peterson

Raising the Bar Award: The Specialized Penis Meter Guy

Bike Company Most Obsessed With Rich White Men: Seven

Same Shit Different Shovel: Marzocchi

Best On-Shore Sweatshop: timbuk2

Just Because: Gary Fisher

Enough already: the whole industry, carbon fiber

Bonus: The Fist Award, to Cannondale for bankrupting on $27 million, and offering creditors less than 1 cent on the dollar.

And, yes, that final ‘S’ in SOPWAMTOS does not stand for stuff.

Timbuk2 was one of the companies which helped bring SOPWAMTOS back to life this year. The ‘best on-shore sweatshop’ award is recognition that while the company outsources much of its production to China, the core stuff is still made in the US.

Macy Allatt, marketing manager at Timbuk2, told BikeBiz.com:

"We have managed to keep the production of all of our Classic Messenger Bags and custom bags here in the [San Francisco] Bay Area for more than 16 years. We continue to stay committed to manufacturing here in SF as we are very proud of our home and it’s the inspiration behind our brand.

"Though the company also manufactures products in China, our SF factory remains a novelty in this current age of outsourcing and off shoring. Customization, efficient manufacturing and consumer-direct sales via the internet help off set the high cost of labour in San Francisco. Since the inception of Timbuk2, we have maintained manufacturing in the Mission Disctrict and have more than 40 employees on staff. We produce about 500 bags here daily."



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