Brand manager David Jack talks to BikeBiz about Alpina product, dealer margins and more.

Brand profile: Alpina

Whether it’s a new Enduro suited lid, or some extra protection for the kids, Alpina’s catalogue has something to suit. Brand manager David Jack talks to BikeBiz about how independent stockists can take advantage of the brand’s reputation and most importantly, margins.

What makes the brand stand out from the crowd from a retailer’s point of view? Good margins?

Firstly, the range looks fresh and exciting in the store with a lot of new styles and colour options. The quality and certainly the fit are second to none, so no potential customer is going to be unhappy if trying an Alpina helmet on in store.

The RRPs are competitive and the excellent margins for the dealer should make Alpina the first choice if you are moving brand.

Which helmets and accessories are selling well in the UK? 

The movement of a lot of the MTB riders to a more Enduro style helmet has worked well for Alpina. The fact that there are children’s versions is really helping. A lot of youngsters much prefer to look like their idols (or parents) rather than kindergarten. They have been in this market for some time already and the Carapax and Garbanzo have had great uptake.

What prices do the helmet and glasses ranges span?

The helmets for kids range from £26.99 with infant graphics to the more adult looking Carapax Jr at £44.99. For adults, both men and women’s styles are in every price point. Tour styles range between £39.99 and £54.99, MTB and Enduro from £64.99 to £94.99 and Road ranges £69.99 to £119.99. Park and Street style lids cost between £34.99 and £49.99.

Alpina also manufactures an impressive range of eyewear. Their background in winter sports eyewear puts them at the forefront of style and technology.

The Alpina and Moore Large story only started towards the end of last year so we had to concentrate on the helmets first to get Alpina introduced to the UK in time for the season. Unfortunately introducing the eyewear range was unable to make it at the same time. We hope to have some product as a promotion in the summer and the full range launched later this year ready for next season.

How can a retailer take on Alpina helmet and eyewear stock? 

The full Alpina range is on display in our newly expanded showrooms in Derby and dealers are always welcome to visit anytime, not just when we have a show. Our area sales managers all have a sample set of Alpina to make in store presentations. There is no MOQ, but we would much prefer to have dealers as an Alpina Stockist in which they will get more favourable purchase rates and more in store and promotional support. Stockist rates start from just initial orders of ten pieces.

What point of sale is available to show off the product?

We have a single helmet slat wall fitting arm, Alpina branded and with a specific shelf talker for each helmet. Along with this we also have the option of a free standing Helmet Tower. 

What tests do Alpina’s helmets go through and which standards are met?

‘Engineered in Germany’ is a quality seal which carries worldwide prestige. Behind it lies an iron law compelling Alpina to apply only the very highest standards of quality, production and safety to our products.

So at Alpina everything is done in Germany: not just the development of our helmets but also the testing and certification to comply with the applicable standard, EN 1078, from the TÜV Rheinland testing institute.

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