Another UK town looks set to introduce its own bicycle hire initiative

Bournemouth to introduce bike hire scheme?

Following the success of bicycle hire schemes in London, Dublin, Newcastle and others in the UK and Ireland, Bournemouth’s council is considering introducing its own cycle hire scheme for the town, according to this local report.

A feasibility study is to be set in motion, aiming to accurately estimate how popular they would be.

Key locations including the town centre, Bournemouth University and travel interchange would be likely areas for the scheme, the Bournemouth Echo reports.

Ian Kalra, the council’s transport manager, said: “The encouragement of cycling is a key element of the council’s current transport policy. We want to promote cycling to reduce congestion, for leisure, for health improvements and for quality of life.”

“I seriously have doubts about whether it would be economically viable here because of the recession, but I would be delighted to be proved otherwise.”

Cabinet member for transport Cllr Michael Filer added: “I support this, but if it’s introduced, let’s get it right.”

The local paper has asked locals for their thoughts on the introduction of a cycle hire scheme, which have been largely very positive.

The popular tourist destination has a population of around 160,000.

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