Cycles Gaansari, the Ohio boutique brand and retail store owned by Gary and Jean Boulanger, is closing its doors April 29th and shelving its UK-available Gaansari and Fisso brands.

Boulanger shuts up shop, shelves brands

"We’ve given it our best, but realisd the capital and resources needed to take our brands to the next level was out of reach for us at this time," said Jean Boulanger.

"We’ve enjoyed making a difference in the lives of a few thousand bicyclists, both here in Ohio and abroad, since 2002."

In December 2005, Gary Boulanger traveled with Tom Ritchey to Rwanda, Africa, at the invitation of a humanitarian group. Boulanger and Ritchey chronicled their trip on their Servant Leaders Outreach blog – – , and have since developed Wheels Of Mercy – -, a five-point plan to help rebrand Rwanda with bicycling. The Rwanda Project is one of the main reasons the Boulangers are turning their attention away from their own company, and toward Africa.

"As I saw in Rwanda, when there’s a true need, all else pales in comparison," said Gary Boulanger. "

I made the trek to QBP’s 2006 FrostBike and the recent Taipei Bicycle Show to discuss our expansion plans with industry folks, but we couldn’t make the numbers work. But the time spent in Minneapolis and Taipei was enlightening enough to prompt our decision to move forward with a better plan."

The Boulangers have sold their Springboro property, and are moving to San Francisco in late May, where Gary Boulanger will base a public relations, marketing and sales consulting business. Boulanger has worked with Rivendell, Waterford, Airborne, Huffy, Pacific (GT, Schwinn and Mongoose), Trek and LeMond, and will be handling all public relations for Ritchey Design and Syncros. He has also recently signed with Box Solutions, a Canadian logistics, distribution and fulfillment corporation based in Taiwan.

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