e-MTBs have enriched cycling, but shops should do more, firm tells BikeBiz

Bosch: ‘E-bikes are conquering new audiences’

Bosch has hailed a shift in the age of the typical e-bike customer and has hinted at greater online connectivity in the saddle. The household name and key industry player has also called on shops to step up marketing efforts to grow the market “to its full potential”.

Speaking to BikeBiz, Bosch eBike Systems called on policymakers to invest in cycle infrastructure to pave the way for more e-bikes, including secure storage and space for the “often higher speeds” of pedal assisted bikes.

A spokesperson for the brand told us: “The e-bike is conquering new audiences. Bosch eBike Systems characterises this development decisively: the product lines are aimed at different target groups such as young professionals, families, sportive bikers, but also for elderly users and their needs.

“eMountain biking has enriched the sport by adding a new discipline.”

Demand for increased battery capacities and smaller drive trains are being funnelled into product development, Bosch said: “Another promising field is the desire of eBikers to be connected with the online world. The all-in-one on-board computer Nyon offers modern and comfortable solutions for e-bike riding, navigation and route planning, fitness functions and more. Also, eBikers will look out for more integrated functions such as automatic shifting, for example with the eShift integrated shifting solution.”

“Bosch eBike Systems takes great pride in shaping the e-bike market with its ideas and commitment to the industry. The Product Division has developed into the leading European eBike component manufacturer as well as the world market leader in the premium segment. More than 60 bicycle brands rely on the market leader’s perfectly coordinated systems. We are proud of this success. But this at the same time is a commitment for the future.”

E-bike dealers should step up marketing
The brand added: “E-bike dealers should step up their efforts in advertising and marketing to get the e-bike segment to resonate with buyers and grow the market to its full potential. Good service provided by dealers is a decisive plus for end customers and thus crucial to the e-bike business. Therefore Bosch eBike Systems offers in-depth training for dealers who meet the criteria mentioned above. In Great Britain for example, training in Uxbridge, England, and Motherwell, Scotland, took place in the past dealer training period.

"Technical advisor for the UK is Mark Haylett, who advises and trains bicycle dealers in maintenance, service and sales on behalf of Bosch eBike Systems. A good relationship between manufacturer and dealer is fundamental for the overall e-bike market: Quality and safety are ensured not only by standards in the development and manufacture of eBike systems; dealers also contribute to both by advising and training eBikers.

“Moreover, in 2016 a regional marketing manager will start his work and strengthen the marketing activities of Bosch eBike Systems in the UK.”


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