Bosch e-Bike launches Active Line and Active Line Plus systems

For 2018, Bosch eBike Systems is presenting the new Active Line and Active Line Plus.

Both of the new drive systems contain a number of updated technical developments and thanks to their smaller size, can be easily integrated into modern pedelec frames. The new Active Line will have particular appeal for inner-city users and occasional eBikers, while the Active Line Plus is designed to attract convenience-conscious riders who also use their bikes in the countryside. With these two product lines, riders benefit not only from a natural riding experience but also from the fact that the motor is both light and quiet.

The Active Line Drive Unit is designed for gentle, carefully controlled cycling. It is intended for everyday journeys, such as shopping expeditions. The drive unit ensures smooth acceleration with minimal pedalling resistance in off mode or above 25 kmh. The Drive Unit generates very little noise and is barely audible – even under considerable pressure. Weighing around 2.9 kilograms, the Drive Unit is also one of the lightest mid-mounted motors on the market, with a torque of up to 40 Nm.

With the Active Line Plus, Bosch eBike Systems is targeting primarily comfort-conscious commuters in the suburbs or in rural areas and also cyclists who undertake regular rides. A maximum torque of 50 Nm ensures smoothacceleration on moderate ascents. Active Line Plus cyclists will benefit from a natural cycling sensation and low pedalling resistance when 25 kmh is exceeded. The quiet motor is characterised by low weight and compact design.

Cannondale e-bike product manager Andreas Wildgrube commented: “It’s a generally different experience to what you have been riding before. The difference is that it’s not a linear assist level, but it basically is according to the torque you’re putting in.”

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