London initiative drafted to take on bike safety fears

Boris reveals Action Plan for Cycle Safety

Cyclist safety – the perception of which has been long regarded as a major obstacle in raising numbers of bike users – is being tackled by the combined forces of Transport for London and London Mayor Boris Johnson with their Cycle Safety Action Plan.

The draft plan is set to outline how to promote cycle safety to all road users, including encouraging HGV operators to take cycle safety seriously.

The Plan will also help boost cyclist confidence through training and provide new, safe cycle routes and facilities, including previously announced Cycle Superhighways and cycle hire.

According to a press release from TfL, the action plan will be finalised in the New Year, but the ‘key safety actions’ in the Plan will be implemented immediately.

TfL pointed out that while the plan is addressing safety concerns, the number of cyclists in London is rising, with cycling casualty figures on the decline.

A new advert has been released to back the safety message of the plan. You can watch that here. And you can read more about TfLs cycle safety initiatives (including a training film to help cyclists and lorry drivers co-exist safely) here.

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