Mayor of London says there are "other things to be done to make cycling safer", in radio phone in debate

Boris Johnson: ‘Cycle hire users won’t be forced to wear helmets’

Boris Johnson has said he will not be bullied into forcing cycle hire users into compulsory helmet use in a radio phone in on LBC 97.3fm.

Citing ‘mixed evidence’ on the effectiveness of helmets in incidents on the roads, Johnson told listeners that ‘other things’ will be prioritised to make cycling in London safer. Furthermore, Johnson went on to say that evidence from Australia has previously pointed to helmet compulsion detering the masses from cycling.

Johnson said: "I’m not discouraging anybody from wearing a cycle helmet if they want, loads of people do, but all I’m saying is, no I’m not going to make it mandatory because I think on balance there are other things we can do to make cycling safer, and that is what we are doing.

"What I won’t do is take measures that I think will drive cyclists off the roads."

Roundabouts, signalling and training for lorry and bus drivers were among the things Boris said Transport for London would focus on improving.

With Johnson’s personal cycling habits called into question he stated: "I do sometimes wear one, but when it’s cold I tend to wear a beanie hat. I’m nothing but inconsistent in this matter, but i’m going to be bullied into wearing one."

Listen to the phone in debate in full below.

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