RAC chief criticises cycling as ‘niche’ transport. However, the AA president is pro-bike!

Boris’ pro-bike agenda under fire

London Mayor Boris Johnson’s pro-cycling agenda has come in for criticism from the RAC, as reported by the BBC.

The organisation found fault with a number of the Mayor’s transport policies, including his decision to cull so-called ‘bendy-buses’.

RAC foundation director Stephen Glaister said: "The mayor must show leadership. He needs to think less about attention-grabbing policies linked to niche modes of travel like cycling and grasp the bigger problems of transport in the capital, not least congestion in outer London.

"With the best will in the world, encouraging a few more people onto their bikes is not going to solve the relentless jams in the suburbs.”

The Mayor’s transport advisor Kulveer Ranger offered the ripost that the Mayor’s policies are not centred solely on car travel – unlike those of the RAC.

"Unlike the RAC Foundation, the mayor’s focus is not only on drivers. He makes no apology at all for pursuing radical measures to increase cycling and walking and greatly enhance our public transport network."

The RAC Foundation hasn’t always been so car-centric. When Edmund King was at the helm it even launched a range of bikes, with Pashley. King is now the president of the AA and is pro-bike.

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