Yes, at long, long last, the BikeBizBible will be out soon. The artwork has been delivered to the printers. Phew!

Book as old as time goes to print

The Bible cover – see above – will be rolling off the (Guttenburg) presses from Monday. Artwork for two full page ads is also promised for Monday so the plates for the body of the book will be made on Tuesday or Wednesday.

B3 will be printed rapidly but will be in a long queue for the specialist PUR binding needed to keep all the 280 pages in place. The book won’t be ring-bound this time around. PUR binding – short for polyurethane reactive adhesive – allows books to be opened flat and is much used in production of computer manuals. It’s more expensive than EVA binding, but more robust and turnaround time is a lot faster than ring-binding.

Advertisers have already started to get notices of assignment from Bibby Factors, our factoring company.

The book should ship on May 6th, the day after the General Election. Sorry for the delay.

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