COMPANY PROFILE: BikeBiz gets the skinny on the latest with the Lancashire-based supplier of cycling goods

Bob Elliot brings FLR shoes to the trade

BikeBiz speaks with Bob Elliot and Co’s Paul Elliot…

How’s business?
Business has been good, especially in the last quarter. A poor summer’s weather has been washed away with a successful Tour De France and the London 2012 Olympic Games.

And has it been a good year for the cycle industry?
Yes, an excellent year in terms of success for British Cycling. It is an exciting time to be in the trade and hopefully the marker has been set for years to come with the success that we are experiencing.

You took on Continental this summer. How is that going? And are you specialising in a certain range of Continental products or are you stocking the whole line-up?
Continental has been a good move for us that is progressively growing. We are focusing mainly on the touring and MTB side of things at the moment. We do offer tyres in the road area as well and we envisage the brand will continue to grow in 2013.

Are there any further additions to the portfolio in the pipeline?
We have some exciting additions in 2013 on the horizon including a range of cycling shoes from F.L.R which should be available from April. Coupled with this we will be expanding our current ranges of product with new and exciting line-ups which will be available in time for the season.

Are there any brands in particular that are performing well for Bob Elliot at the moment?
We have a number of growing brands in our range, including Schwalbe, Chiba and Funkier. Despite the poor weather over the season we have found these areas to have bucked the trend and continued to grow, regardless.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell dealers?
We are currently stocking a wider range of product than ever before, and also holding more stock in order to try and satisfy the dealers. For the autumn/winter season we have a large range of winter clothing available from Lusso and Funkier as well as a range of gloves from Chiba. Not only this, but if the snow does hit again, we have a large range of snow and ice tyres available to keep you on the bike!

How can dealers get in touch?
Dealers can contact us via our website at or by phone on 01772 459887. From there we will be able to help with any queries or put them in touch with a sales representative for their area who is able to visit them.

Full contacts:
Tel: 01772 459887
Fax: 01772 433310

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