Trade legend Bob Chicken Snr died peacefully in his sleep at a hotel in Madeira where he had been living for some years

Bob Chicken RIP

Bob Chicken was 90 when he died a few days ago. 

In 2008, Bob Chicken was awarded an MBE for services to the bicycle industry, an industry he had served since 1947. 

His life is chronicled in Graeme Fife’s ‘Bob Chicken – A Passion for the Bike’. This is a biography of Bob interspersed with a history of the post-1945 British bicycle industry.

Bob was a past president of the Pedal Club and the Pickwick Bicycle Club. He joined the Pickwick – the world’s oldest bicycle club – in 1954. 

He was the former owner of RJ Chicken & Sons. The company is now run by his sons, Robert and Cedric.

RJ Chicken & Sons introduced many European road bike accessory brands into the UK from the 1950s onwards.
Bob will be cremated in Madeira, his home for the last few years.

Members of the trade who wish to share their memories of Bob can do so on the forum

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