Ex UKIP MEP launches tirade against cyclists out of the blue

Bloom stuffs foot in mouth once more with ”road tax” gaffe

Godfrey Bloom, the former UKIP MEP, winner of the Plain English Campaign’s Foot in Mouth Award and climate change denier has joined the ranks of those in politics who can’t seem to grasp how the roads are funded.

In a seemingly unprovoked Twitter tirade, the shamed ex-UKIP party whip began strongly when it comes to the usual checklist; ticking off victim blaming, quotations of taxes that have been invalid for nearly 80 years and insurance for cyclists in just 140 characters. 

Thankfully even UKIP could see this one was bonkers, removing the party whip from him in September 2013 following an outburst in which he branded female audience members "sluts", before taking to the streets to push a few journalists around.

Roads are funded via general and local taxation, not by motorists directly. 

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