On October 8th, John Caudwell - owner of Europe's biggest privately owned telecoms company which includes Phones 4u - sets off on a 2300-mile cycle ride from Athens to London to raise money to pay for life-saving or life-changing treatment for children, or to pay for their dying wishes. He's seeking replacements for two key members of his support team.

Billonnaire seeks masseur and driver for 2300-mile charity bike ride

Caudwell said "find me somebody who’ll work for free."

"And all the better if they can read maps, cook and are prepared to drive across Europe towing a trailer full of potatoes.

"We’ll be going at race pace across five countries – and that takes its toll," said Caudwell, who set up the Caudwell Charity in 2000 and has raised £4m since.

"An absolutely crucial member of the team will be a masseur – he, or she, will be tasked with massaging out those aches and pains every night after we cover up to 200 miles a day.

"If passers-by could hear the screams when a good masseur goes to work they’d think it was somebody with a real talent for torture in action, but the agony of a session on the massage table turns into a real benefit once they’ve worked those muscles loose again," he said.

"We’ve been let down at the last minute by both a masseur and a driver, so we need both – fast. The job may suit somebody involved in sport who’s out of season, possibly a student on a gap year – but they’ll need energy, and they’ll need to be resourceful and upbeat.

"If they can drive – and can commit to three weeks support – that’s a bonus. If they can cook potatoes and warm up Mars Bars out of the back of a trailer on a Primus stove at the roadside, better still."

Tel: 01782 600869

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