Three products now available for IBDs

BikeRegister unveils three new products for bike shops to stock

Bike marking specialist BikeRegister has unveiled a brand new range of products and packaging for bike shops to stock.

Launching at the NEC Cycle Show last month, the product line-up includes the Permanent Marking Kit, Covert Marking Kit and Membership Plus Kit.

"By registering and marking a bike with one of our kits, the chances of having it stolen are greatly reduced," the firm said

The kits are emblazoned with distinctive Stop bike thieves! in red and blue colours. They are being rolled out to retailers over the next few months and are available to purchase at trade price from BikeRegister.

The 3 products BikeRegister are:

  • Membership Plus Kit – Tamper resistant QR barcodes that deter thieves and can be scanned with a smart phone for instant identification
  • Permanent Marking Kit – Chemically etches the frame of a bike with a permanent blue mark containing the cyclist’s unique BikeRegister ID.
  • Covert Marking Kit – The BikeRegister UV Covert kits mark the frame of a bike and it’s components with hundreds of microscopic dots printed with a unique ID. Also included in the kit is a colourless UV marking which invisibly marks the coating of the bike.

Bikeregister marketing manager Millie Quickenden said: "We are excited to be taking BikeRegister forward with this bold new packaging design. We feel it not only better represents BikeRegister’s core values but also develops a stronger, more defined brand personality that the cycling community can engage with. We hope that these exciting design changes will contribute to our continued growth."

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