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Danny Milner plans to add more regular content to the BIKEmagic site, including profiles on industry figures. He's worked on a number of print and web-based cycle titles, including MBR, Dirt, Maximum Mountain Bike, MBi, Cycling Today, and Madformountainbiking.com.

BIKEmagic gains new editor

Milner wants to up the content.

"As it stands at the moment, the site has a very strong community, but features and news can be sporadic. I want to introduce a number of regular features to bolster the daily news content running on a four-week cycle," he told Bikebiz.co.uk.

"Regular users can check out the site on any given day and know what to expect in the way of features. There’ll be a weekly product review, and a monthly bike test.

"Readers can also expect regular interviews with industry personalities, a monthly round-up of trail news from around the country, and a peek behind the cover mounts at the latest magazines."

Milner also wants the site to jump ‘out of the screen’ more.

"As a firm believer in the old cliché Рa picture is worth a thousand words РI also want to introduce a great deal more photography and visual impact."

Guy Kesteven – aka Scoop – stays as a freelance contributor to BIKEmagic.


to the new content.

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