had its official launch this week, although was 'soft launched' some weeks ago. It's aimed at roadies and tourers. Whereas and feature international road-bike news, Magicalia's will be a lot more like an online version of Cycling Plus magazine. owner launches a road site looks like the other sites in the Magicalia portforlio but has its own ad-sales team and editorial staff.

Launch editor of RCUK is is Maria Muennich, who was stand-in editor at until the role of full-time editor was taken on by Mike Davis. She’s Magicalia’s managing editor.

"RoadcyclingUK allows us to cover a broader range of cycling interests, reflecting the broader range of cycling interests within our own company, without diluting the focus of Bikemagic," said Muennich.

The site will not compete with or the other international road-cycling sites.

"What differentiates us from other cycling websites is focus and functionality. Whereas most of the other sites focus on the professional scene, RCUK will be more like Bikemagic in that it focuses on normal, everyday riders and their needs.

"So we’ll aim to provide information to help people get the most out of their own time in the saddle, looking at gear, maintenance, places to rides, events they can take part in and fitness and training.

"That’s not to say we won’t cover the professional side, but it won’t be our main focus and we’ll be looking at the inspirational side."

Site contributors will include Bex Hopkins, Jo Burt and Andrew Waterman.

"Given the broader focus of RCUK we’re keen to work with plenty of different freelancers with different areas of expertise and will most likely be employing a co-ordinating editor in the near future," said Muennich.


The Cycling Plus website is forum-only at the moment but will soon launch as a fully-fledged news and reviews website.

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