US bike blogger creates subscription-based Bike Hugger Magazine for iPhone and iPad. Sample copy is free.

Bikehugger creates ad-free iOS magazine

US bike blogger Byron of the seven-year old Bikehugger blog has released a compact digi-mag with all-new content. Bike Hugger Magazine is available for iOS devices only: iPads and iPhones.

The ad-free digi-mag contains long-form articles and will be subscription-based. A sample issue – 00 – is available for free. Issue 01 costs $1.99 with subsequent issues costing $3.99 each or $2.99 a month.

"We’re like an indie label that doesn’t want to sell out, but reach a larger audience," said Byron.

The digi-mag is being produced by 29th Street Publishing, run by David Jacobs. The first issue includes a feature on Budnitz Bicycles and whether the world needs a $6,000 cruiser; a look at the world of high-end cycling enthusiasts in the post-Lance era and how companies like Rapha are shaping the next wave of cycling enthusiasts. 

"Subscriptions support this magazine," said Byron.

"This allows us to feature more long-form writing, photos and product reviews, editorials and essays. The content is exclusive to the magazine and written just for subscribers without any advertisers or advertiser-based spin. We are very proud of the fact that our content is free of the pressures and influences of advertisers and that we call things as we see them."

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