BikeBiz’s guide to the latest in triathlon

BikeBiz takes a look at the latest in triathlon from some of the leading brands in the sector, including Zéfal, FLR, Redshift, Wahoo, USE, Exposure Lights, Gaerne, DMT, Prologo, ISM Saddle, Repente, Abus, SQlab, Vision and Garmin

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Zéfal – Tri Bottle Cage Set

Distributor: Bob Elliot & Co and Chicken CycleKit

Saddle double bottle cage. Designed for demanding triathletes, this rear hydration system allows you to put two bottles to the back of your saddle or a bottle and a tool bottle. Complete and robust, the kit is a very good solution for triathlons and long-distance trainings. It contains a universal rail mount bracket and 2 bottle cages, the Z2 and Z2i, as well as the screws supplied for installation. The side-opening bottle cages allow easy and quick access to the bottles. Made in France with a reinforced fibre-glass material, the cages grip the bottles very well. 2 CO2 holders are included on the Z2i.

RRP: £44.99

FLR – F-121 Triathlon Shoe

Distributor: Bob Elliot & Co

Reliable, comfortable, lightweight and durable – the F-121 is the choice for the triathlete and meets high demands! The upper part of the shoe is barefoot-friendly and crafted from a mix of lightweight open-air mesh. Providing the shoes with ultimate ventilation and stretch-free synthetic upper to create shape, spread pressure, stabilization to the foot and provides an anchor point for the straps. Tri-specific 2-strap closure sports an open tongue for ventilation and large heel pull for easy entry and faster shoe changes in transitions.

RRP: £69.99

Redshift – Quick Release Aerobars

Distributor: Ison Distribution

The Redshift Quick Release Aerobars mechanism allows you to attach or remove the aerobars in a few seconds, without any tools. They are available in either alloy or carbon with two bar shapes – L-Bend or S-Bend. You are able to fine tune the fit by adjusting extension length, armpad fore-aft and armpad width.

RRP: £289.99 carbon, £219.99 alloy

Wahoo – Elemnt Rival 

Distributor: Wahoo

Elemnt Rival Multisport Watch keeps the focus locked on your performance, not your equipment. Using the intuitive Elemnt operating system, Rival GPS smartwatch delivers a simple, yet powerful, user experience. Unique multisport features like Touchless Transition, Multisport Handover, and Perfect View Zoom create a seamless performance advantage whether training for a race or competing.

RRP: £299.99

USE – USE Aero Extensions

Distributor: USE

USE extensions have been used to set world hour records on the track, win major games gold medals in Time Trialling, more than 10 profiles available in carbon with specific layups for High Rise and “standard” profiles to ensure that all the strength and weight saving is in the correct places. Aluminum is available too. Perfect upgrade to dial in the aero position on a Tri or TT bike.

Exposure Lights – Trace and Trace R Pack, Trace Extension Bracket, Trace R Under The Saddle Rail Bracket 

Distributor: USE

Now front and rear lights are mandatory for TTs, Exposure Lights has created light weight aero and simple brackets to enable the lightweight aero-grade aluminium Trace and Trace R to be mounted on the extensions and under the saddle. Keeping within regulations but satisfying the weight and Aero conscious racers.

Trace and Trace R Pack RRP: £85
Trace Extension Bracket RRP: £15
Trace R Under The Saddle Rail Bracket RRP: £9

Gaerne – Carbon Kona Shoes

Distributor: Hotlines

Fitted with Gaerne’s EPS lightweight full carbon soles, this shoe guarantees lightness and firmness. Two ventilation channels positioned in the soles give flawless airflow to the feet.  Ideal for Triathlon racing, the Velcro closure system allows for quick adjustment during the ride and transition. Rear loops allow for fitting with speed and ease, making them extremely practical during the changeover.

RRP: £204.99

DMT – KT1 Tri Shoes

Distributor: Chicken CycleKit

The DMT KT1 Tri shoes offer incredible comfort that will forever change how you think about cycling shoes. Light, breathable, proprietary Engineered Knit construction eliminates pressure points, fits like a glove, is super breathable and thanks to the super supportive Aerated carbon outsole provides race-winning energy transfer. This is the ideal shoe for you if you are looking for a top-level, incredibly lightweight Triathlon shoe that offers a perfect fit and optimum power transfer.

RRP: £239.99

Prologo – TGale PAS CPC Tirox 

Distributor: Chicken CycleKit

The T-Gale saddle is the result of wind tunnel testing and extensive research into the Triathlon and Time Trial market. The T-Gale family has a flat base and is designed to give the best performance and comfort during TT events and Triathlons. The specially designed CPC surface features a mat of hollow cones of various heights and diameters, arranged for maximum benefits to the rider. The PAS system is a channel in the base of the saddle. The hole or channel helps to maximise blood flow and supports the pelvic area while also preventing pressure peaks.

RRP: £169.99

ISM Saddle – PS1.0 Performance Short

Distributor: Upgrade Bikes

Part of the ISM Performance Short saddle range with sloped front arms and a slight upward slope at the rear. Provides superb hip support when rotated forward in an aerodynamic position. This style of saddle is favoured by cyclists who don’t move in the saddle excessively whilst riding and who ride in the aerobars. The ISM nose-less design ensures maximum blood flow by removing pressure from soft tissue and prevents genital numbness for a comfier, healthier and more enjoyable ride.

RRP: £230

Repente – Magnet Saddle

Distributor: Upgrade Bikes

The Magnet saddle is made specifically for the aero riding position where the athlete uses much more the front of the saddle and leans on their “tender parts”. The saddle nose is wider to support the forward sitting position and has thick padding but still with a relevant anatomical channel. Repente “Position Control” surface coating in three parts from specific material helps maintain the best rider position during power output. Carbon rails and body contribute to the impressive 135g weight.

RRP: £240

Abus – Gamechanger TRI

Distributor: Extra UK

The Abus Gamechanger TRI is specifically designed to meet the rigorous needs of triathletes or those looking for a TT helmet that excels in hot challenging environments. The lightweight, low profile construction allows for head movements without severely affecting the aerodynamics. Whilst a sophisticated ventilation system increases airflow and keeps the rider cool on exposed, shadeless roads and slower climbs. The FidLock magnetic buckle reduces transition time by important seconds.

RRP: £399.99

Fizik – R3 Transiro

Distributor: Extra UK

Fizik R3 Transiro is a triathlon shoe that combines an extremely quick enveloping Velcro closure with a single lower BOA dial allowing fine adjustment on the fly. To ease transition, the instep Powerstrap can be locked in the wide-open position ensuring a quick, easy, and fast foot entry with the shoes ready clipped into the pedals. The shoe’s upper construction combines a mesh that is highly breathable yet efficiently supportive. The race stiff R3 unidirectional carbon outsole delivers ultimate power transfer.

RRP: £239.99

SQlab – 613 R Ergowave

Distributor: Oneway Bike

Triathletes are capable of suffering but still experience sitting troubles excessively. The extreme sitting position in combination with long riding hours presents an ergonomic challenge. The 613 R Ergowave doesn’t just have any kind of shape but is the perfect one for the most complex sitting position in cycling. The 613 R Ergowave is designed with a raised rear section, allowing the pressure to shift towards the sit bones for the first time in triathlon. The perineal area receives relief and the additional rearward support improves power transmission. As a positive side effect skin irritations are reduced.

RRP: 189,95

Vision – Metron Tfa Aerobar With Snakebite Stem

Distributor: Windwave

Find your fit with the fastest aero bar: the next level of adjustability with integrated aerodynamics. The new Metron Aerobar system features a flip-able full carbon wing basebar, ergonomic extensions and a snakebite stem which integrates the system together. This allows for an internal Di2 junction box with internal cable routing along with one of the highest adjustable AM option currently available. Fit increments in various dimensions are the foundation of the Metron Aerobar design and are easily adjustable with no occluded bolts. Weight: 1,155g (with stem)

RRP: £759.95

Garmin – Fenix 7

Distributor: Garmin

Reimagined for ultimate performance and endurance, the all-new fēnix 7 Series features new touchscreen design plus button controls, advanced training tools, solar-enhanced models that offer prolonged battery life and built-in flashlight for fēnix 7X models.

RRP: From £599.99

Carbon Wasp – Carbon Wasp Aero Bar Extensions
Distributor: Carbon Wasp Ltd

Description: The Carbon Wasp standard aero bars are available in two versions: (1) a Non-UCI version, offering greater comfort and aero advantages outside the restrictive UCI rules or (2) a UCI compliant version, optimised to give the most aerodynamic position within the UCI rules

RRP: £795 
Cushion Aid Saddle Donut – Tri Saddlepad Pro for Men and Women
Distributor: Cushion Aid

Description: Created by a rider who competed in RAAM, the famous “Race Across America” endurance event, the Cushion-Aid SaddleDonut™ is designed to improve comfort
 for riders spending long hours in the saddle, reduce sliding and prevent saddle sores. Featuring a series of raised, dome-shaped “donuts” designed to cushion a cyclist’s sit bones, the SaddleDonut fits to any cycling or triathlon specific saddle.

RRP: £30.00 approx


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