Delayed but now back on track, here's why B3 works. The data used in the directory is derived from the address data used for the monthly trade mag; the address info is available online and is kept bang-up-to-date; the book goes out free to bike shops plus shedloads of additional copies are sold via; and the directory is produced by an editor that is embedded in the bicycle trade... INFO CHECK: Please take a look at the online brand name finder and address book and send in any last minute changes. If your company/shop is NOT listed on the online B3 it won't be in the printed directory...

BikeBizBible: the benefits

Better late than never, the BikeBizBible is chugging through the production process.

If there are any duff details in the online information, please let us know ASAP.

Access the info here:

The latest BikeBizBible is eagerly awaited (by us just as much as you!) and will be chock full of addresses, stats, dates and facts.

This well-thumbed, chained-to-the-counter publication is sent FREE to Britain’s bike shops. How can we do this? Because the book is full of pertinent adverts.

If you have yet to to book your promo slot and want to gain year-round exposure in the ‘bible’ of the UK bicycle trade, you can set your stall out for just fifty quid. This makes your free entry into a bolder, easier to find one.

A bold-face, boxed entry with a logo, and 45 words of selling copy costs just £105. The display ads are also well-priced, especially when you factor in their longevity.

Big Al is waiting at the end of his broadband connection and telephone line. Give him a call or drop him a line.

Email: Tel: 0191 285 4408






BOXED + LOGO + 45 WORDS: £105

QTR PAGE: £195


FULL PAGE (mono): £730

FULL PAGE (colour): £855

COVER LOGOS: £125 each

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