Taiwan-based journo Glenn Smith kicks off the first in an ongoing series of articles about bike trade top brass with an interview with Tony Lo, president of Giant Inc. Some of the questions put to Lo were from contributors to the BikeBiz bulletin board.

BikeBiz interviews global players

Which companies does Lo admire most in the bike trade? What’s the future for anti-dumping tariffs? Where’s growth going to come from in the global bike trade?

The answers to these questions and many more can be found in the long and meaty feature to be found at http://www.bikebiz.co.uk/…/article.php?id=2164

Glenn Smith, a Chinese-speaking American journalist, will be seeking out more industry execs to interview in the months to come. And BikeBiz will also feature interviews with top American execs as well as continuing to chew the fat with top brass in the UK.

Retailer profiles and interviews are also planned.

Because of the air-miles we’re going to rack up in the compilation of these articles (which will always air on the website first, with annotated extracts appearing in the print magazine), the interviews will be published randomly throughout the year.

We’ve already lined up a number of interviews with global movers and shakers but if you’d like to suggest some figures we ought to be grilling, especially ground-breaking bike retailers or industry folk who never normally get interviewed, please email editorial@bikebiz.co.uk

And watch out on the bulletin board for notification of which bike bods we’ll be talking to next, because in the best traditions of Saturday morning kid’s telly programmes we’ll be asking for questions from you. These will be put to the execs in a quick-fire Q&A session and will appear in a ‘questions from the floor’ section at the end of each article.

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