Weve been getting a steady number of hits from the public for some months. Theres a monthly plug for the site in Cycling Plus and other cycle mags give it mentions too. Those without passwords can access the stats and the job ads. But now theres something new for the public...

Bikebiz goes public

A new collection of how to consumer articles is slowly being been placed on the public facing part of the site.

A PR campaign will drive consumers to the site. This starts with the plugs in Candis magazine (see story above).

www.bikebiz.co.uk receives no less than six mentions in Candis. Theres a small credit for the pix on every other page and this mentions our URL. Theres also a nice big plug at the end of the article.

Within two months the site will also be advertised in the classifieds of cycling mags. This is to boost the visitors to the job ad section.

Job ads go up on this website on the day we receive them and also get posted to our WAP site. By going out to the general public were able to expand the market for bike trade job ads, bringing new blood into the industry.

In other news...

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