BikeBizCorporate BBC for short is a site-within-a-site for suppliers eyes only. Its currently on trial and is free for the first five months. launches supplier-only section is read by many top executives in the bicycle business, both here and abroad. But from the names on the bulletin board you wouldnt know that. Most execs stay schtum.

So, for all those execs who prefer to remain anonymous, weve created a site-within-a-site for suppliers eyes only.

BikeBizCorporate members gain access to a tightly-controlled new zone.

The BBC section is strictly for executives only. Company owners, MDs, FDs, marketing directors, and certain other categories will be granted access but, sorry, everybody else will not.

Its important to get the trade talking and if top execs wont talk on the bulletin board, perhaps they will if theres an execs-only bulletin board? Suppliers can now transfer info, news, thoughts, worries and so forth, quickly and widely.

Whilst UK-based, the BBC bulletin board could become an international trade platform.

Like the open-access bulletin board on the main site, the BBC BBS would be a unique and genuinely useful sounding board for new ideas and industry concerns.

As well as the suppliers-only bulletin board, the BBC zone will also include valuable resources. There will be a news section called, of course, BBC News. This wont contain as much new material as the main site but will be highly relevant to suppliers.

There may also be an alphabetical list of official Company Reports (if thats what BBC members said they wanted).

Other resources will be added over time, making the BBC section a vital, time-saving, money-making resource.

To gain access to BBC you have to apply online. Theres a BBC hyperlink tucked away at the bottom of most pages of the main site. You provide your own user ID and password. You will then be emailed with a message saying you have either been accepted or rejected as a BBC member.

The BBC is a trial only. It might or might not work. So, heres a message to the early adopters: if you dont join, you wont be in at the start of a potentially brilliant new way of disseminating highly sensitive information. You wont entice the laggards to join and then the opportunity to create a top-flight forum will be lost.

If youre a supplier, sign up now at the BBC hyperlink below.

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