Issue 65 was chock-full of saddles, we're now after pix and product news of BMX bikes and components. Oh, go on, you teased it out of us, BMX adverts too. The main feature will be about tips and techniques of selling to a BMX customer base, perhaps the most bullshit-aware of all cycle consumers. Patronise at your peril (and that goes for us, too).

BikeBiz 66 will be BMX issue

All future mags will be features-based rather than news led. The first example of a news-lite BicycleBusiness can be downloaded here:…/FileSharing6.html

The BMX issue will also contain non-BMX features, including a piece written by a serving trading standards officer.

In other news...

Cadence Performance acquires Evernden Cycles in Kent

Cadence Performance has announced its latest retail store location, taking over Evernden Cycles as the …