MMUSA’s biggest-selling product is Endurus, a Creatine serum “without extra calories, unwanted bulk or nasty side effects”

Bike-X takes on MMUSA sports supplements

Bike-X has become the UK cycle industry’s exclusive distributor for products from Muscle Marketing USA, manufacturer of vitamin and mineral body fuels.

The promise of Endurus creatine serum is that you can “ride every mile like it was your first” but “without extra calories, unwanted bulk or nasty side effects.”

Weightlifters and bodybuilders were the first to discover that Creatine serum lengthened workout times, shortened recovery intervals and built powerful muscles faster.

“We guarantee Endurus will help customers ride, mile after mile, at increased speed, without fattening them up or weighing them down with stodgy or sugary carbs or adding bulky muscle mass,” said Brian Dickson, MD of Bike-X.

“Some cyclists rely on the extra calories in energy bars, but they hit the wall of fatigue and muscle burnout sooner because their body energy generation system slows down. Endurus-fuelled riders just keep going and going.

Endurus is said to be “the world’s only stable, absorbable and water-soluble creatine. Not a pill, powder or a capsule this is the body fuel you do not swallow, but absorb through the mucous membranes of your mouth. Take Endurus 10 minutes before you ride.”

Endurus also contains Glucosamine to defend joints against repetitive stress; L-Carnitine for fat burning; B-complex vitamins; Guarana extract; and Magnesium Ascorbate to kick-start energy production enzymes.

Dickson said the deal with MMUSA “fits perfectly into our expanding performance product portfolio and will also be distributed through additional divisions of the company into other sports categories. We see MMUSA as an important future partner across many sporting categories.”

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