The warm weather will help with exposure of an altogether more intimate kind: today is also one of the days for the World Naked Bike Ride...although has a typo, making it the World Naked Nike Ride...

Bike Week kicks off with glorious weather and media exposure

What, sunshine and blue skies in Bike Week? Whatever next?

Nude cycling, that’s what. And all in the name of the world’s over-use of oil. One doddery old man has been calling bike organisations this week, trying to find out more info on the venues for the ride. Did he want to take part?

"No, I just want to watch…"

The start of Bike Week – an event first staged in 1923 by the CTC – has seen a flurry of press coverage, including large features in the Daily Express (‘Freedom comes with two wheels’) and The Independent (‘Stay healthy, stay wealthy: change to the cycle lane’).…/story.jsp?story=530454

If the good weather continues, expect more good publicity as the week goes on.

However, not all newspapers are ‘on message’: The Shropshire Star claimed 100 residents of Hampton Loade and Highley are protesting against a "£1 million scheme to create a cycle route through Shropshire’s Severn Valley Country Park."

The 100 NIMBYs are afraid that "parts of the path which runs adjacent to the Severn Valley Railway will threaten the safety of passengers and staff and believe it will open up opportunities for trespassers and train vandals."…/article_18645.shtml

And in Newcastle upon Tyne’s The Journal, a full page article has a bereaved mum and dad spouting off against a local council for creating a cycle path ahead of erecting a safety barrier. Had the council put motorists’ interests first, their 22-year old son would still be alive, they believe. He lost control of his car on a corner, a corner other drivers had negotiated safely, but it was the council’s pro-bicycle attitude to blame.

The disressed father said: "It’s hard to accept that the council can find the resources to put …a cycle path at Whorral Bank before a barrier. It beggars belief."…/tm_objectid=14326306%26method=full%26siteid=50081%26headline=barrier%2dcould%2dhave%2dsaved%2dmy%2dboy%2ds%2dlife-name_page.html

World Naked Nike Ride on…/3800003.stm

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