Tomorrow a delegation from the bike trade will meet with John Spellar, the new minister for transport. Representatives from CTC, ACT, BA, BCF, Sustrans, and National Byway get an hour to bend the minister’s ear

Bike trade to grill transport minister

The delegation will attempt to get the government to put its money where its mouth is. The National Cycle Strategy – originated by the Tories but later adopted by New Labour – aims to double the number of cyclists by 2010. But cycle usage is not growing at the required pace and the cycle delegation will be keen to hear what the minister plans to do about the situation.

John Spellar MP was appointed minister of transport on 8th June 2001. He was formerly with the MoD. He is a non-voting member of the Cabinet and is the MP for Warley, West Midlands.

The delegation includes:

Patrick Barker & Eddie Eccleston (Bicycle Association)

David Wilsher (Association of Cycle Traders)

Kevin Mayne (CTC)

John Grimshaw (Sustrans)

Mike Breckon (National Byway)

Peter King (British Cycle Federation)

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