Bike Dock Solutions and a hidden camera crew put together bike theft flick

Bike Theft: The Movie set for Shoreditch Cinema

Bike Dock Solutions is to premiere a film about bike theft at a Shoreditch cinema in February.

The cycle parking firm sent a hidden camera crew to a crowded London market location where an actor was filmed ‘stealing’ a bicycle at several times during the day in front of numbers of witnesses. The short film looks at the reaction of the public to the thefts and demonstrates how easy it is for bikes to be taken.

Based on police crime statistics from 2010, a report released in June suggests that bicycle theft costs British cyclists around £80m a year. The same report put the total number of reported stolen bikes in the UK at 115,147. The study also suggested that only 20 per cent of cycle thefts are reported to the police – meaning the true number of bicycles stolen in the UK each year is actually closer to 533,000.

The film will debut at the Aubin Cinema, Club Row Entrance, Shoreditch, London E1 on February 3rd at 10.30am.

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