Bike the strike!

A 24-hour tube strike in London starts at 6pm tonight and will lead to congested roads and a run on the city’s hire bikes on the Monday morning commute. The Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association has refused London Underground’s revised offer on staffing levels.

TSSA general secretary Manuel Cortes said: "Our reps have decided to go ahead with our 24-hour strike action at 6pm today.

"Whilst they accept the offer of more staff is a step in the right direction to restoring Tube safety standards, they do not believe the offer will return those standards with the urgency that is now needed.

"We remain committed to taking part in further talks to seek a resolution to this dispute."

London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan has described the strike as "pointless".

He tweeted: "This strike is going to be a huge inconvenience to commuters, tourists and TfL staff. And it is pointless.

"There is a good deal sitting on the table that will ensure station safety and staffing levels across the tube network. I am willing to carry on negotiations."

During previous tube strikes many people took to cycling instead, and once the strikes finished some of these people kept cycling. A tube strike can demonstrate how quick cycling can be in a congested city, and now that Transport for London has invested in protected Cycle Superhighways many newcomers to cycling will also find it easier to cycle around London than ever before.

Before some recent tube strikes the London Cycling Campaign has promoted cycling as a superior travel option.

"Here at London Cycling Campaign, we want more Londoners to cycle all year round, but if there’s one day to start commuting to work by bike it’s tomorrow. Not only will your journey be quicker but you’ll save money, get fitter and even enjoy your trip."

It’s likely that London’s bike shops will see increased business on Monday.

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